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Concepto LVT

Nuestro concepto LVT está compuesto por distintas colecciones que reunen mas de 150 diseños de especies de madera, cerámica, efectos metálicos y gráficos.

> LVT folleto 2017 (77Mb)

Tarkett LVT glue-down rich palette of colours, designs and formats allows you to match exactly your client’s needs. Whether you favour timeless, gentle hues or striking, metallic shades, there’s a look to match your style. With the Limited Edition collection, new designs launch each year will...

Tarkett LVT Click provides the perfectly adapted traffic resistance while offering easy installation and low-cost maintenance. Choose from a wide offer of beautiful and versatile designs.

Tarkett LVT Loose-lay flooring combines contemporary design effects with performance properties that include floor adherence and stability, excellent wear resistance, low-maintenance and the benefits of loose lay installation.