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Lumaflex Duo Omnisports Speed

Picture of Lumaflex Duo Omnisports Speed

36.45mm combined sports system with cushioned vinyl top layer
Combined sports performances and comfort
Recommended applications: multisports facilities, badminton and table tennis areas

  • Compliant with EN 14904
  • Good resistance to indentation
  • Durability of your surface thanks to a pure PVC coat wear layer
  • High performance with Lumaflex Duo construction: optimal stability, homogeneous behaviour, good shock absorption
  • Easy maintenance thanks to Top Clean XP surface, PU treatment reinforced with alumina particles
  • Environmentally friendly with better Indoor Air Quality: Volatile Organic Compounds, after 28 days of installation lower than 10μg/m3
  • 1. TopClean XP surface treatment
  • 2. Non-pigmented wear layer
  • 3. Unwoven fibre glass mat with vinyl coating
  • 4. Compact vinyl layer
  • 5. Highly cellularizsed acoustic foam (HCF) with engineered honeycomb backing
  • 6. Lumaflex Duo sub-construction: birch plywood 18mm thick - bord dimensions: 2430x295mm
  • 7. Tarfoam
  • 8. Tarfilm