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Omnisports Compact 2mm

Picture of Omnisports Compact 2mm

High mechanical resistance to indentation and tear
Easy circulation of rolling loads
Recommended applications: corridors, lockers*, entrance halls, meeting rooms etc.
*with no direct access to wetrooms

  • Homogeneous behaviour and aesthetics
  • Exceptional indentation resistance and recovery for all Omnisports due to a 3 layer composite SSC (Strain Splitting Core)
  • Dimensional stability: < 0.1% - multi-directional fibreglass mesh: no stress in the product, good flatness and covering deformation mastered.
  • Durability of your surface thanks to a pure PVC coat wear layer
  • Easy maintenance thanks to Top Clean X-Trem Performance (XP) surface, PU treatment reinforced with alumina particles
  • Offers scratch resistance and ensures the durability of your sports surface
  • Ensures easy maintenance and reduces consumption of water and cleaning agents
  • Environmentally friendly with better Indoor Air Quality: Volatile Organic Compounds, after 28 days of installation lower than 10μg/m3
  • 1- Adequate balance of friction and grip control. Specific engineered surface embossing.
  • 2- Very high resistance to scratches and easy maintenance. TopCLEAN XPTM treatment.
  • 3- Exceptional resistance to wear. Pure transparent vinyl wear layer.
  • 4- Dynamic colours and realistic decors. High definition printing for a perfect wood surface appearance and built-in unis for higher colour intensity.
  • 5- Superior dimensional stability (<0.10%). Unwoven glass fibre.
  • 6- High resistance to indentation and tearing. Solid homogeneous calendered sheet made of recycled vinyl