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Safetred Universal Plus

Picture of Safetred Universal Plus

Antetodo seguridad
Safetred Universal Plus para zonas donde se requiere la máxima seguridad antideslizante, cocinas comerciales con tráfico intenso, zonas de preparación de catering, talleres y zonas de almacenaje, en definitiva todas aquellas zonas que requieren un alto nivel de resistencia antideslizante.

  • Pavimento vinílico heterogéneo antideslizante
  • Alto nivel de resistencia al deslizamiento (R11)
  • Mantiene sus propiedades antideslizantes a lo largo de toda la vida del producto
  • Tratamiento de protección PUR Safety Clean XP PUR para un mantenimiento sencillo
  • Para zonas más exigentes en las que la resistencia y la seguridad son fundamentales


  • light blue
  • beige
  • mid grey
  • grey beige
  • dark grey
  • yellow green
  • dark blue
  • black
  • light grey
Grupo de abrasión (EN 13845) - % de pérdida de partículas < 10
Punzonamiento estático (EN 433) - mm < 0.10
Resistencia a la luz (EN ISO 105-B02) - nivel 7
Clasificación al fuego Bfl-s1
Comportamiento electrostático (EN 1815) - kV 2
Tratamiento antifúngico (JISZ 2801) Incorporates a biostat to resist fungi and bacteria
Descripción (EN 13845) Slip resistant heterogeneous vinyl flooring
Clasificación: comercial (EN 685) - clase 34
Clasificación: industrial (EN 685) - clase 43
Planta de producción Tarkett Ltd Lenham, Maidstone Kent ME17 20X UNITED KINGDOM

TARKETT’S BALANCED CHOICE The Safetred range is part of Tarkett’s choice of sustainable solutions. It is an integrated system that allows for balancing all the competing needs, while making choices that are truly sustainable and work together aesthetically.

The Safetred range is based on up to 42% natural raw material, such as salt and mineral fillers. We use local suppliers as far as we can to reduce the environmental impact from transportation.

The Safetred range is produced in Lenham (UK). The factory applies an environmental management system (ISO 14001). As for all Tarkett sites, the Lenham site is assessed from an environmental point of view by an external auditor every two years. No risks were identified in the Lenham site during 2009.

The Safetred range deliver valuable health, hygiene and welfare benefits: The Safety Clean X-treme Performance surface gives improved resistance to soiling and staining and ensures easy maintenance with a reduced need for water and chemicals. Low VOC emissions – 350 μg/m3 at 28 days – more than 2.5 times below demands in European Standard (1000 μg/m3), contributing to good indoor air quality. Incorporates a biostat for anti-bacterial properties that support good hygiene. High slip-resistance properties (R10 to R11) reduce the risk of slips, trips and fall injuries and provides sustainable slip resistance throughout the flooring’s service life.

The Safetred range contains up to 60% post-production recycled content. ISO 14001 certificate n°XXXXXX | ISO 9001 certificate n°XXXXXXX